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At DH Productions we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and what better way for your voice to be heard than through the medium of film, a form of expression and communication that is currently connecting more people than ever.


DH Productions provides high quality digital media for its clients, enabling them to promote their image and values, to document memories, or even to share their message with the world.


With a whole spectrum of skills and expertise available, we offer our clients an outstanding array of content that they use to engage and interact with their audiences, in unique and innovative ways.


We are passionate about all forms of media creation, from filmmaking and photography, to music and audio production, and even graphics design and web development. This passion is what drives us to provide the best service possible, creating products our clients can be proud of.


If you have a vision, we can make it a realisation. With our experience in cinematography, DH Productions can turn your idea into a compelling visual story. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their best interests are met, and that their values and images are presented.

Joseph Cashmore

Founder and Film Producer

Sam Stradling

Head Web Developer

Guy Harland

Client Liaison

Sudhan Raja

Company Photographer

DH Productions offer a wide array of filmmaking services which result in the creation of high quality video content. We enable companies to connect with their target audiences, allow memories of events to be shared, and promote places and products to people around the world. Through storytelling and cinematography, we form compelling images that capture the hearts and minds of the viewers, that express a message which needs to be spoken, or open an audience’s eyes to something they have never witnessed before.

Stay up to date with the work we are carrying out, and see how we accomplish projects for our clients. You can learn more about what equipment we use, our techniques for film making, or even about the people that work at DH Productions.

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