Week 37

10th September 2017


How Was It Made? – Copper Pot Promotional Video 2017

In September, we created a video for some lovely people while in the Seychelles - The Copper Pot is an Indian-cuisine delivery and catering business based in the Seychelles, and while out there we had the challenge of producing a video of the food preparation, with nothing but our cameras.

This story looks at the production of their promotional video, and the challenges we faced while creating it.

Cutting Down on Kit

The first big obstacle with producing this video was that we only had our cameras to hand. No stabilisation equipment, no Ronin or Shoulder Mount. We didn’t have our OSMO or drone available either to get some more unusual or aerial shots. Sudhan had his Canon and I had my Panasonic GH4, and a couple of lenses (what I could fit into hand luggage on the plane), and we had to make the most of it.

Not exactly roughing it, but this was a good experience to ensure we didn’t get to comfortable with always having the kit that makes our lives easier. It meant we had to find other ways of keeping a steady shot, or creating smooth motion. One way to stabilise a camera while holding it is to tie on that neck strap it came with, wear it, and extend your arms out fully, the strap provides resistance that lowers the “shake” in footage.

For some of the slow pans in the video I just placed the camera on a folded t-shirt, and gently pulled the t-shirt in one direction. Nothing fancy, but got the job done.

Working Against the Clock

The time I had to complete the video was quite short here. We’d spent 2 hours at the Copper Pot trying to film as much as we could of the food and its preparation, and being on holiday in the Seychelles, it wouldn’t be long before I had to pack my bags and head home.

In total, the filming and editing came to just over a day, working on the video around all of the other things we had planned for the trip. This video was a test of working within a very short time-frame, and ensuring I was efficient throughout. When you have lots of good footage available, it’s easy to get lost in it, and try to salvage as much as possible. I couldn’t afford spend time doing that, so was strict in using only the best sections – an approach that worked well.

The Different Courses

The content and structure of the video was very much decided by Sudhan and the Copper Pot. The beginning required an emphasis on location, as it’s not the easiest place to find (hopefully this would provide viewers with some indication). Next the ingredients and food preparation were included, making sure to give the staff some air time.

Following this we used the snack footage. The Copper Pot also produce snacks and sweets that had to be highlighted in the video. A selection of clips to show the delivery service came after, and finally an appearance of their leaflet led into the quick logo sequence and company details.  

An Inspiring Location

The Seychelles was definitely a great working environment; plenty of heat, plenty of great food. I would recommend it to anyone, and if there are any companies based out there that can cover the expenses of me travelling there again, let me know and I’ll be happy to work for you (I say very optimistically…).

The End Result


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How Was It Made?

Copper Pot Promotional Video 2017


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Written By:

Joseph Cashmore