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The world of graphic design is a vast one, with countless creative possibilities. DH Productions offers experience in a wide variety of digital design services.


The world of graphic design is vast with countless creative possibilities. DH Productions offers experience in a wide variety of digital design services, from visual brand development and logo design, to creating brochures, illustrations and fonts. We have categorised our services into three sections, however we provide solutions specific to our customers’ requirements. An initial workshop yields information on your business goals, and what visual products will offer you the best outcome.


Visual Brand Creation

At DH Productions we can put a face to your business. In a world that is so visually inspiring, we aid in the captivation of your audience through digital images and effective visual branding. From colour schemes and logos, to fully comprehensive branding guidelines, we can set your business on a path of professionalism and style. The visual imagery used to promote your business must align with the message and values of your brand itself. Often this is where the desire for new graphics assets stems from, a requirement to create or renew your brand. We initiate this process with a discovery workshop, allowing us to understand what your brand is, and where it’s heading. From here we can advise on the most suitable services and products, and implement them to an exceptional standard.

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Digital Design

Digital design really does encompass a lot of the creative processes we follow at DH Productions, whether it’s logos and typography or building assets for animations and websites. So much of graphic design is accomplished digitally. We have a strong background in art and creative design, combined with the technical knowledge of digital software. At DH Productions we work alongside our clients to design and build fantastic graphics content, that they can use to grow their digital success. If you have a graphic design project then we can help, get in touch today to find out more!

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Design for Print

Businesses are always in need of printed material that promotes their brand, whether it’s business cards, brochures, flyers, or even letterheads and other stationary. The methods followed very from designing for a digital output, and with a wealth of experience in this area you can be confident in the results we provide. DH Productions also has several printer recommendations, and we’ll even arrange the printing stage for you. Take a look at some examples of our previous work.

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